Macklemore, Why you should be paying attention

As a fan of underground music, all underground music, I have my eyes on Macklemore and I think you should too. Everyone has their eyes on him. He has been on top of the Billboard charts for weeks. As you all know I spend my time listening to punk rock and alt-country 95% of the time. But any underground music will get my attention. Maybe it is because I love seeing the underdog come up and claim victory, I feel I can always relate to that story myself.

For starters, he has no record label! Fuck Yes! He put out his album on his own. He is quite proud of that point and talks about it on his album, which he should be. He worked his ass off. Another point I love about him is the way he speaks his mind. He really speaks his mind, most of his lyrics touch on subjects that most people wouldn’t touch with a 10ft pole. One of the biggest points he touches on his homosexuality. Most rappers only bring it up as a “dis,” he want everybody to be treated equal. Yes, you heard me right. He put out his own album that went #1 and he speaks out against homophobia. Both of those things usually doesn’t get you much of a following, but he has way more than a following. Everyone has heard the “Thrift Shop” song, where he makes fun of other rappers that spend so much money on clothes and shoes.
Where does this play in to my normal punk rock and country? Well, almost all the artist we listen to are also 100% DIY. If Macklemore and do it on his own why can’t the bands we like do the same thing. We need to do our part and promote our favorite bands by posting videos and links, going to shows, and buying merch. We live in an era that we can make artists big, we just have to help them do the foot work as much as we can. I run a blog and have two internet radio shows, what do you do to help your music scene?
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It is about time this page came back to life. It will be a little slow at first, but don’t worry it will gain speed.

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McDougall just came out with a new album.

Ones and Twos by McDougall is a song that I can’t stop listening to. Check him out, such a great artist.

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3 Shades of Black – Hank Williams III (Dubstep Remix)

I bet you didn’t see that one coming did you. Not what I usually post, not even close. This was sent to my by my good buddy over at IBWIP. We were on Skype the other day and he told me about it and sent me the link. I am a Hank 3 fan, I love the Guttertown album he just put out. But Dubstep, that is a whole different story. I have three sons between that ages of 8 and 13, they like Dubstep. Of course they do, it is what is popular now, and as a parent it is my job to make fun of the popular music they like. Hell the only reason I listened to this was because my buddy sent it to me and it was Hank 3. While listening I scrolled down to read the comments, this is what the top rated comment said,

“It’s funny to see how those in the electronic community find respect and have open enough minds to let a little bit of country in our lives. However the respect is not fully paralleled from the other side.”

This made me rethink a lot of shit. I am not saying I am going to go out and buy every Dubstep album that comes out. But I am going to think twice before I start bad mouthing what I don’t know. Music is made to entertain and make people happy, music makes me happy.

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New video for Canned Catfish Blues by Lonewolf OMB

Lone Wolf – Canned Catfish Blues (Official Video) from No-Brow Productions on Vimeo.

I was lucky enough to meet Lonewolf at Muddy Roots last year, he is one hell of a great banjo player. Watch this video and you will agree.

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Big River cover by Tim Armstrong

I just saw this video for the first time yesterday and it made my whole day amazing. Tim Armstrong is one of my favorite artists and to hear him covering Johnny Cash is kick ass.

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Great write up by my good friend Gillian about Hellbound Glory. She even included my wedding video that my wife made at the bottom. You should follow her blog and you should also listen to Hellbound Glory.

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“Avoiding Catatonic Surrender” by Tim Barry

Every time we listen to this song my wife always tells me she wishes she had written this song. I can see why, it is a beautiful masterpiece. Now that I think about it, I wish I had written it too. I need to see Tim Barry live.

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Liquorbox “Stupid Fucking Things”

J.T. Wisteard of Liquorbox put up a great facebook post today about posting music of your favorite bands to help people hear about them. That is pretty much why I started this blog, I want people to come here to listen to music and maybe get turned onto new bands.  So here is some Liquorbox for you all, great fucking band. Sometimes I feel this song is the theme to my life.

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Fred Eaglesmith

This was recorded two nights before I saw him last night.

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