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Remember when you use to care about the music. You know, the music you love. But now you would rather talk about how much you hate this artist or that artist. Well guess what, you say you are into the underground country movement then why are you always talking about Jason Aldeen or that Brantly guy? I wouldn’t even know about these guys if it wasn’t for the people saying they are into the underground talking about them all the time. Don’t get me wrong there are some great spoof blogs like Farce the Music that make me laugh my ass off. I am talking about the guys that blog, tweet, and post about how much they hate these “fake outlaws.” How do you even know about these guys. I guess you, yourself must sit and watch CMT or some other shit country music station. Stop wasting your damn time with the popular shit. The underground artists are never going to be on CMT, I can tell you that right now. If you think that you are going to make someone rise up and take country music back from pop country then you are stupid. It isn’t going to happen. We listen to underground music because it is real and true. The public can’t handle that shit. Underground country artists are going to stay that way. But we can help them to rise up in the underground by blogging, tweeting and posting about them.

Another thing. If you don’t like someones website or blog because of what they say, don’t fucking go there. It’s that fucking easy. If you know you are going to go on there and get mad and leave a pissy comment to make them leave a pissy comment back, DON’T FUCKING DO IT. Everyone has a right to an opinion, it is the way the world works. If you don’t agree with someones opinion just walk the fuck away. I see the same mother fuckers arguing about the same shit at least once every two months. You both claim to love the music, well stay the fuck away from each other and promote good music.

Here is some Hellbound Glory for you playing Scumbag Country


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4 Responses to About the music

  1. Pags says:

    I agree on pretty much everything you said, At the same time, when you accept to have a blog and give opinion, you must be able to live with people who’ll criticize you and what you say. I’m all about free speech and internet is pretty much the only place where it still really exists. I find it funny, when i see some people saying: it’s my blog if you don’t like what I say get the fuck out of here……well they are maybe not made to run a blog. Once you post something on internet, It ain’t a private thing no more, it becomes public that we like it or not. If you can’t live with the good or the bad that comes with it (unless there are racist or violence incitation), just don’t post it. When I say you, I speak in general.

  2. Burch says:

    Quite a few people expect that underground music is going to “get big” and take over the mainstream. Hell I felt that way back when I was young and dumb and got into metal, I figured it’d only be a matter of time before death metal and all that was all over MTV and the Billboard charts. Yeah, that didn’t quite pan out. I’m sure there’s some psychological thing about feeling “right” by listening to something out of the way and then needing to feel validated by having it spread to the masses. It took me several years to finally grow out of that whole deal, thankfully I was done with it before I got into the country scene.

    All the drama lately has been a drag but I’ll admit to getting some cheap thrill out of seeing people go at it Internet style. Internet drama is a strange phenomenon and it’s kind of cute to observe, in a morbid way. But there’s a time to say enough’s enough, and certain situations have gone way the hell over that line.

  3. Kenny says:

    Mad and pissy comment but directed at myself for not checking out this blog sooner. This post is spot on.

  4. TimPop says:

    Damn, A very good and spot on read… ty for writing it…

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